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Friday, October 7, 2011

Visualization Creates Manisfestation.

I've had quite the writer's block. I was all gung-ho in the beginning, but like everything else, it takes determination to follow through.'s a powerful thing. If you can see it, you can be it, you can do it, you can believe in it. There are some people that I know that are skeptics with this, but they've witnessed it without even realizing it. If you have watched any Olympic event, you will see competitors with there eyes closed maybe even speaking to themselves. They're not taking a nap for godsakes. They are playing the best scenario in their head of what is to happen. In competition, I really don't know how you can do it without this. If we all could take these exercises more to our everyday living I think we could really see some powerful things. This is my visualization......I start my week with mentally planning my workouts, how they will fit in with everything else. That leads to my meals, planning them the best I can about 80% of the time. Just by starting that process things begin to fall into place. I make it to the grocery store to get what I need, I know what time I have to get up to be at the gym, etc. I've even visualize how I would like to look. I'm going to tell you, I am not always perfect with everything, but in my head I see my waist trimming down. You know what? I've had about 5-6 people make comments about that particular area on me. Just today...a girl at the gym looked at me, made a gesture at her waist and said, you're looking good. I could have hugged her 'til her head popped off!!! That was just confirmation of manifestation. All these little bits really add up to great results, even if it is just a brain boost sometimes. It is YOUR perception that really matters. Give it a shot and let me know if it works for you!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Now, my co-worker BJ has made a couple comments in the past couple weeks that my "shape" was changing, but I hadnt noticed noticed anything until the past couple of days.

While lying on, of all places, the waxing table this evening, stripped down to the itty-bitty skivvy's, my friend, Zuzka, says to me (avec Slovakian accent) "girl, your losing weight!" Now, by no means do I think the scale has really took a dip down, haven't weighed myself in months and don't really want to, but I have noticed my clothes feeling bigger in the waste, my legs feel stronger..butte seems a bit tighter...things are headed in the right direction....

Crossfit @ 9 am tomorrow....I'm gonna go kick some ass!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hard Week.....GREAT WEEK!!!

This week I am happy to announce that I FINALLY made it to Crossfit 3 times....that is my goal to keep on doing with my schedule that I have. Monday's and Wednesday's are somewhat easy to follow through on, but Friday's?...they are a BITCH!!!! I alway's have a double to work on Thursday, but this week my Thursday was a 14+ hour one which made waking up early to go to workout pretty fucken difficult, to say the least. Not to mention my body felt like it was run over by a truck. In comes in Ady (sorry if the name is spelled incorrectly). This is a new comer to Crossfit that I met on Wednesday. We did the WOD (workout of the day) side by side and were helping each other get through the workout called, The Filthy Fifty. 10 rounds of this workout took me 30:14. Afterwards, she asked me what days I come to the gym and said that she wants to come when I come and that she would be there on that meant, no backing out.

Friday morning, I silently was saying "mother f'ers". Not a great affirmation when your workout is going to involve Burpees. Do you know what a burpee is? Google it...I don't even want to think about them any longer, I hate them so much. On to more positive things....

I really took charge this past week and planned about 80% of my meals. As for drinking, didn't do much of that at all. That with getting my workouts in, I did what I set out to do and accomplished it....

Now, on to a new week!!!! Have a great one!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

An "Aha" Wellness Moment....

The word wellness. What does it mean to you? The definition says, "an approach that emphasizes the whole person - body, mind, & soul" It's not just about what I put in my mouth, how much physical activity I'm about how much time I dedicate to my family and friends? I will say that my recent past...let's say at least 2 years, I haven't been great at keeping up with friends, I hardly call anyone, hardly set up friend "dates", hell, I hardly put the priority on time with my husband and dog(s).

My dad sneaks in on occasion, "you are so much like your mother"....this is always after I tell him about my work schedule. My mom, even though retired, worked until about 10 months before she died. She really did love her work and by no means did she have a white collar job. I think it was the feeling of importance and being around people. I never heard her complain about going to work.

I've always did what I had to do, always legal of course ;), to make money and survive. I'm just now working smarter, not necessarily harder. When you're working all the time, you hardly have enough time to take care of all the necessities (food shopping, cleaning, paying bills, etc) that guess what gets left behind....YOURSELF!!!!

So what have I done in the past couple of weeks to live life?
1. Had a Bon Voyage dinner with a co-worker to send her off climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro.
2. Had a double date dinner with some friends.
3. Cocktails and bites with the girls.
4. 2 going away parties this weekend.
5. While my hubby had to work in Collbran, we made it a quick camping trip to Vega Reservoir.

So that has been my AHA moment recently....It is just as important to plan time with my friends as it is my workout and meal planning. This is what satisfies my whole person....My Wellness....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life's Been a Party.....

So Sunday, I spent a chunk of time using almost every veggie I had in the fridge has probably more than most and it was getting out of hand. I made a HUGE pot of veggie stew. It looks like a mess of colors, but it's pretty damn tasty!! I finished it off with some fresh carrot juice for some fresh taste and thickened it by whizzing some up in the blender with about 1/4 cup of raw cashews (gives it a creamy mouth feel). I really first had some today and it's better than when I first made it. I had more than enough to freeze 2 large bathces of it as well as have some for lunch or dinner this week while on the go.....which is good BECAUSE....

Sunday might, Joe and I had a great dinner with another couple at the Pullman. I CANNOT help myself, but make sure others really enjoy themselves....which of course means order this, ordering that...and having half-off food doesn't hurt...I mean help. I felt kind of icky after I got home....Yesterday, went to Crossfit and I can hardly move my arms, but sweat my ass off...wish that was literal.

Today...well..I usually work at night which helps, but I had the opportunity to meet some girls out for ladies night at Fin's ( Wanted to just do wine, but NO....Pomatini's were calling my one get one..there Dan, I said it!!! Noshed on some Ahi, the best popcorn shrimp on the planet (would usually NEVER eat that) and a stuffed mushroom cap...believe me, it's not low-fat which means it's TASTY!!! Thank you Donny for sending over the Caprese, I at least got some sort of veggie in me!!! Went from there to meet another friend that I haven't seen in a long time, where else, the Pullman....Have any of you every had a fried, stuffed squash blossom? OK, this is fucken embarrassing.

Tomorrow is a new day...I have NO MORE girl dates in the near future and Crossfit is at 9 am. A green smoothie is in order to start the day with a hard boiled egg or two, veggie stew for lunch...and I need to scare up my dinner before work tomorrow evening. Also...NO MORE COCKTAILS!!! I can have a a glass of wine and be fine, but a great cocktail is something hard to stop at one for me.

That's it...I'm off to bed.....K

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Old Habits, LIVE hard!!!!

What a week. I've managed to start the week off great....then....uugghh.....I'm such a fan of the cheese food group. It's my snack of choice after working at night. Just like some of my clients I've cleared pantries for, I have a hard time throwing away items that I've spent my hard earned money for. I have to change my way of thinking that even consuming it is a waste towards my goals...and my ass. Just dairy in general...I can tell the difference in the way I sleep (it's always when the husband complains that I snore) and the way I feel in the morning. It just isn't good on my digestion. If anyone has a great snack substitute for cheese, let me know....

I had two hard workouts this week....felt pretty damn sore, but good at the same time. I also hiked and walked my baby (my doggie, Indie), 3 times this week. She needs exercise as much as I do so we help each other out.

Had a wonderful dinner at The Pullman on Wednesday to send my co-worker Erin off to climb Kilamanjaro. We all ate well....ate oysters, stuffed zucchini blossoms (my fav), burrata (there's that cheese again!!), lobster beignets (this is getting fucken embarrassing), Olathe Corn Bisque, and Pan Roasted Opah....ending with dessert, had about 4-5 bites and felt like I was hungover the next day....I only had 2 glasses of wine, but with everything else..oy vey!! to proceed from here. I am going to menu plan today around the great produce I get from Peach Valley CSA ( My body at this point is craving some veggies!! I feel the need to "clean house" and by looking around, I mean that figuratively and literally!!!

Chat with ya later!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Questions from the Peeps...

So I've had a few people ask me about my current health and why I'm going about my health journey in such a way....

I had my blood work done at a local health fair in early April...and the numbers weren't good. My cholesterol was 279 and my other numbers were not heading in a good direction. I also don't have genetics working on my side...with the passing of my mother last year from lung to brain cancer (although she was a smoker), and cancer running on that side of the family..and heart disease, obesity & diabetes running on my dad's side of the family, I feel like if I don't get a grip on it now, things are going to really head south.

Doing a's the best way that I know of to reach as many people as possible for support...

To Tracy...I will post a photo soon...I'm not much of a shutter bug, but I get one out there.

I have started my week off with a Crossfit workout on Monday, green smoothies and eggs for breakfast, kale salad and salmon for lunch, fajita salad for dinner....everything has been satisfying so far...I've had a 3 glasses of wine over the past 2 days, but nothing overboard. I've just been on this cheese's hard when you have the good stuff in the fridge leftover from a party.

Tomorrow, Crossfit in the morning, menu plan a bit but I am having dinner out.

Talk to ya all later....K